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Property for sale in Potchefstroom Houses For Sale Our featured selection of houses for sale in Potchefstroom.These houses in Potchefstroom are handpicked and are marketed by Potchefstroomproperty.com for Potchefstroom. We only showcase selected houses for sale in Potchefstroom. Our selected list of Houses for sale in Potchefstroom consist of exclusive locations in Potchefstroom neighbourhoods like: Baillie Park , Mieder Park, Oewersig, Van Der Hoff Park, Grimbeek Park, Cachet, Kannoniers Park, Dam Area, Die Bult, Heilige Akker etc.

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Property Areas in Potchefstroom

The areas and neighbourhoods for property in Potchefstroom are:


Baillie Park , Mieder Park, Oewersig, Van Der Hoff Park, Grimbeek Park, Boskop , Cachet , Deep South, Harpington A H
Kannoniers Park , Lesedi , Mooibank A H, Moosa Park , Noordbrug, Rulaganyang , Suid Sentraal Wes
Van Der Hoff Park, Vyfhoek A H, Baillie Park , Dam Area , Die Bult , Heilige Akker , Klein Paarl , Miederpark , Mooivallei A H , New Machavie , Oudedorp , Potchefstroom Central, Suid Dorp , Townlands
Van Der Hoff Park , Volkskool (0), Wilgeboom A H , Dassie Rand , Frederikstad, Haaskraal , Ikageng , Kockspark , Mohadin , Promosa , Suid Sentraal Oos, Turfvlei


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About Potchefstroom

Origin of name

There are various origins that are claimed for the origin of the name Potchefstroom. Firstly it is said to come from 'Potgieter' + 'Chef' + 'stroom'. This refers to the Voortrekker leader and town father Andries Potgieter, "chef" being an indication of leader of the emigrants and "stroom" referring to the Mooi River.


The town, founded in 1838 by the Voortrekkers, is the second oldest settlement of people of European descent in the then Transvaal. The honour of oldest European settlement belongs to Klerksdorp, situated approximately 40 km (25 mi) to the West. This is sometimes challenged by historians because the first settlement was in the "upper regions of the Schoon Spruit", which might be between Klerksdorp and Potchefstroom. Potchefstroom however was the first to develop into a functional town...  Read More About Potchefstroom Here!